Plywood dreams

So here's a thing, when I was a much younger and more idealistic modernist, I used to have very material specific dreams. Not dreams of the deep R.E.M. sleep variety, more those kind of hazy, day-dreaming about the future kind. And in these visions, the future was mainly constructed from beautiful, crispy, graphic, engineered plywood. Recently I've made some steps toward the realisation of these material specific visions, our friends Aisling and Ben being the lucky beneficiaries in the shape of a bespoke home office fit-out. It was a long and involved design and build process, for both client and designer, completed over a period of about 3 months on and off. I'm glad to say that the clients are now happily installed and despite many cuts and bloody fingers from razor sharp mitred plywood and the odd technical challenge to be surmounted along the way my passion for both plywood and formica remain undiluted. I'm particularly proud of the engineering involved in the cable management channel built into the 3.2m desk top (a cable-shuck we'd probably call it up Monaghan way) terminating in storage fitted around the stair head which cuts into the room.  Therapy of sorts for my obsession.