Back to the old school...

I just found this lovely short film about a studio of old school sign-writers in San Francisco.

bohemia signs from Mission Local on Vimeo.

Really interesting  to see them talk about how the individuality of the writer comes through in the quality of the brush work and the way each individual's signature 'ticks' come through in the lettering....

Having hand painted a 'circus style' sign for my wedding recently (no quality comparisons are being made here!) I can understand the way he describes needing to build up brush handling skills and muscle memory to create lettering quickly and efficiently.

The thing I really noticed in my novice effort was how serifed fonts seem to flow naturally from the brushwork and you begin to understand somewhat how decorative flourishes, shadowing and details
have evolved from the flow of the brush and paint. Its a lesson to us all in this age of instant digital gratification - Quality takes time....long live analogue.