Leaf rugs

Ive just done these new rugs for nofixedabode.ie, they are the first result of a little pet project I've been working on for a while based around Irish modernist architectural heritage. They are based on mosaic panels on the roof level of the Busaras building in Dublin designed by Patrick Scott in the early 1950's while he was working a junior architect in the offices of Michael Scott.

After photographing the panels I went to visit the 89 year old artist to discuss the possibility of using the design and I have to say he was genuinely one of nicest individuals I've had the pleasure of meeting and he very generously agreed for me to use them as the basis for these new products. So far we have produced 2 samlpes in red and blue produced for us in collaboration with Rugart.ie. We're also workin on a range of printed and knitted cushions to compliment the rugs hopefully to follow soon..